Where to View Hoodoos around Kamloops

Kamloops boasts hoodoos, unique geographical features formed by volcanic rock and silt bluffs from glacial lakes. The best way to explore these formations is by hiking or taking a scenic drive, here are three spots to check out:

  1. East Shuswap Road

    Drive along East Shuswap Road to catch sight of the silt bluffs and hoodoos, remnants of an ancient glacial lake bed. Approximately 7km down the road, find a pull-off on the left for photo opportunities and to admire the prominent silt hoodoos. Extend your journey with a wine tasting at Monte Creek Winery before returning to Kamloops.

  2. Cinnamon Ridge

    Visit Cinnamon Ridge Hoodoos, the eroded remains of a volcano that erupted 50 million years ago. The trail leads closer to the hoodoos and through old stream beds that carved slot-like canyons through volcanic rock. Access the area by driving west on Tranquille Road past the airport, then follow Ord Road until you reach the cul-de-sac for parking. Please adhere to legal and safe access points to avoid trespassing and always stay on designated trails.

  3. Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park

    Located just off Highway 1 East, this park features silt bluffs formed by the same glacial lake that shaped the silt bluffs along East Shuswap Road. Hike through these bluffs to reach the top for panoramic views of the South Thompson River Valley. To access the park, head east along the Trans-Canada Highway, take exit 384 for Dallas Drive/Barnhartvale, then follow Mountainview Drive to reach the parking area. Enjoy the views from either the Pussy Willow or Hoodoo Trail.

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